City Permit

The Process Of Permitting Your Signs
Site Surveys

Our trained salesmen or permits department will come to your property and do all the measurements of your store front, windows, front door and the multi-tenant/monument signs.
We will then produce to you a detailed drawing of the sign and how it is built. Once you have signed off on the drawings we will then take them to your Landlord for Approval (if required)

City Sign Ordinances
When you have decided on the design layout we insure that the city will allow the measurements in questin by referencing the City Sign Ordinances sites. Most can be reviewed at Municode, American Legal, Franklin Legal Publishing or Texas Municipal League.

However, many cities have their own websites: give us a call at 972-241-7446 as we are updated on the current codes for all cities.

Landlord Approvals
If your Landlord has a sign criteria, please submit a copy to us so that this will insure a smooth process and that the landlord will quickly approve the layout of your new sign. We deal directly with your Landlord so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your Business.

Some Cities require either the Landlord to sign off on the City Permit application and/or need the Property owners information.
We do not go to the City for a sign permit until your Landlord (if required) has signed off on your sign.

Sign Permits:
To insure a smooth process at the City, please make sure you have submitted (in most cities) or received your Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) will have to be the same name on the sign (in most cities). For example, if the C.O. is under Sam's Food Mart., the sign can not just say Food Mart.

Most Cities require 5 - 10 business days for approving the permits.

When the City approves the sign permit we will pick up the permit in person. If by change the City doesn't approve your permit, and you  want to appeal their decision, we are knowledgeable in obtaining a "Variance" in which the process will take approximately two to three weeks and up to two or three months.

Pole/Monument Hole-drilling Inspections.

The State of Texas Dig Test requires that we mark the location where the holes are to be drilled and notify them of our hole needs. The State then notifies all regulated utilities such a electric, gas, telephone, cable, and pipeline companies, etc of our intentions. They require three working days to verify that there aren't any underground wiring and such that will be hit. If by change there is going to be a problem the utility company will come to the site and mark their locations.
Once this process is done and the permits have been submitted to the City, they will inspect the locations to insure that the drilling will be in compliant with the permit location we provided to them. Once the holes have been drilled, the City will preform a pier Inspection and then we can move forward with the process.

City Inspections:
If the City requires an inspection prior to installation and usually they will require an electric/sign final: we will take care of this for you. The Cities that do have a final inspection will require that the permit is on the job-site prior to inspections. We will have the installation crew provide you with the permit. Once the final is approved you may then take it down and retain it for your records.
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